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Machine Bolts

Welcome to GIC Fasteners, your premier destination for high-quality machine bolts crafted to meet a diverse array of industry standards. As a leading manufacturer, we specialize in producing machine bolts that adhere to a multitude of specifications, including DIN, ASTM, ISO, BS standards, and their equivalent international counterparts. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we ensure that each bolt is meticulously engineered to provide superior performance and reliability in various applications. Whether you require bolts for industrial machinery, construction projects, or automotive applications, GIC Fasteners has you covered with our comprehensive range of products that meet the most stringent quality standards. Trust GIC Fasteners for precision-engineered machine bolts that deliver exceptional durability and performance, tailored to your specific requirements.

Are you in search of reliable machine bolts that offer both durability and precision engineering? Look no further than GIC Fasteners. We’re your trusted partner for all your fastener needs. At GIC Fasteners, we take great pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional quality bolts that meet the highest industry standards.

Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to crafting each bolt with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring optimal performance for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re working on heavy-duty industrial projects or intricate tasks, you can count on our machine bolts to get the job done right.

With a strong focus on quality and reliability, GIC Fasteners guarantees that our machine bolts will exceed your expectations. Ready to experience the difference for yourself? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at and let’s discuss how we can provide the perfect fastening solution tailored to your specific needs.

Machine Bolts Specifications

Standard : DIN, ASTM, BS, ISO, JIS, IS, GB, IS 4190 and all other International Standards
Length : 3 mm to 200 mm
Size : M3 – M56 | 3/6″ to 2″ | Custom Sizes
Threads: : BSF, UNF METRIC, UNC, BSW or as required
Finish : Plain, black, zinc plated (Cr,3+), zinc plated(Cr,6+), hot dipped galvanized, dacromet, nickel plated, cadmium plated, etc.
Forming : Hot & Cold Forged
Variants : Fully Threaded Hex Machine Bolts, Partial Threaded Machine Bolts, Metric Machine Bolts, Imperial Machine Bolts
Coatings : PTFE (Teflon), Hot Dip Galvanizing, Aluminum Zinc Flake, Zinc Phosphating, Manganese Phosphating, Metallic Zinc, Nickel Bolts Plating, Chrome Plating, Cadmium Plating, Silver Plating, Tin Plating

Machine Bolts Dimensions

Bolt Diameter D F C H
Body Diameter Width Across Flats Width Across Corners Height
Max Basic Max Min Max Min Basic Max Min
12 0.515 34 0.750 0.725 1.061 0.995 2164 0.348 0.308
58 0.642 1516 0.938 0.906 1.326 1.244 2764 0.444 0.400
34 0.768 118 1.125 1.088 1.591 1.494 12 0.524 0.476
78 0.895 1516 1.312 1.269 1.856 1.742 1932 0.620 0.568
1 1.022 112 1.500 1.450 2.121 1.991 2132 0.684 0.628
118 1.149 11116 1.688 1.631 2.386 2.239 34 0.780 0.720
114 1.277 178 1.875 1.812 2.652 2.489 2732 0.876 0.812
138 1.404 2116 2.062 1.994 2.917 2.738 2932 0.940 0.872
112 1.531 214 2.250 2.175 3.182 2.986 1 1.036 0.964
134* 2916 1316
2* 21516 1516

Dimensions per ASME B18.2.1 1996

* ASME only defines head dimensions up to 1-1/2". Dimensions for 1-3/4 and 2" are approximate and not covered under the ASME dimensional specifications.

Grades of Stainless Steel Machine Bolts

  • Stainless Steel 304 Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 304L Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 304H Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 310 Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 310S Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 310H Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 316 Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 316L Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 316Ti Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 317 Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 317L Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 321 Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 321H Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 347 Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 347H Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 904L Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 410 Machine Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 446 Machine Bolts
  • 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Machine Bolts
  • SMO 254 Machine Bolts
  • Alloy 20 Machine Bolts

Grades of Duplex & Super Duplex Steel Machine Bolts

  • UNS S32205 Machine Bolts
  • UNS S31803 Machine Bolts
  • UNS S32750 Machine Bolts
  • UNS S32760 Machine Bolts

Grades of Titanium Machine Bolts

  • Titanium Grade 2 Machine Bolts
  • Titanium Grade 5 Machine Bolts

Grades of Tantalum Machine Bolts

  • UNS R05200 Machine Bolts
  • UNS R05252 Machine Bolts
  • UNS R05255 Machine Bolts
  • UNS R05400 Machine Bolts

Grades of Copper Machine Bolts

  • UNS C11000 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C10100 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C10200 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C12000 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C12200 Machine Bolts

Grades of Cupro Nickel Machine Bolts

  • CuNi 90/10 Machine Bolts
  • CuNi 70/30 Machine Bolts

Grades of Brass Carriage Machine Bolts

  • UNS C21000 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C22000 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C22600 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C23000 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C24000 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C26000 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C26800 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C27000 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C27200 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C28000 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C33000 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C33500 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C34000 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C34200 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C35300 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C35600 Machine Bolts

Grades of Aluminium Machine Bolts

  • Aluminium Alloy 1050 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 1060 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 1060 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 1070 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 1080 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 1100 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 1145 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 2011 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 2014 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 2017 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 2024 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 2090 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 3003 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 5052 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 5083 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 6061 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 6063 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 6066 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 6082 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 7050 Machine Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 7075 Machine Bolts

Grades of Carbon Steel Machine Bolts

  • Carbon Steel AISI 1018 Machine Bolts
  • Carbon Steel AISI 1020 Machine Bolts
  • Carbon Steel AISI 1040 Machine Bolts
  • Carbon Steel AISI 1045 Machine Bolts

Grades of Alloy Steel Machine Bolts

  • Alloy Steel AISI 4130 Machine Bolts
  • Alloy Steel AISI 4140 Machine Bolts
  • Alloy Steel AISI 4340 Machine Bolts
  • Alloy Steel AISI 8620 Machine Bolts
  • ASTM A193 Alloy Steel Gr B7 Machine Bolts
  • ASTM A193 Alloy Steel Gr B7M Machine Bolts
  • ASTM A320 Alloy Steel Gr L7 Machine Bolts
  • ASTM A320 Alloy Steel Gr L7M Machine Bolts
  • ASTM A320 Alloy Steel Gr L43 Machine Bolts
  • ASTM A194 Alloy Steel Gr 2H Machine Bolts
  • ASTM A194 Alloy Steel Gr 2HM Machine Bolts
  • ISO 898-1 Alloy Steel Gr 8.8 Machine Bolts
  • ISO 898-1 Alloy Steel Gr 10.9 Machine Bolts
  • ISO 898-1 Alloy Steel Gr 12.9 Machine Bolts

Grades of Silicon Bronze Machine Bolts

  • UNS C65100 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C65500 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C66100 Machine Bolts

Grades of Phosphor Bronze Machine Bolts

  • UNS C51000 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C51900 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C52100 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C54400 Machine Bolts

Grades of Zirconium Machine Bolts

  • UNS R60700 Machine Bolts
  • UNS R60702 Machine Bolts
  • UNS R60704 Machine Bolts
  • UNS R60705 Machine Bolts
  • UNS R60706 Machine Bolts

Grades of Beryllium Copper Machine Bolts

  • UNS C17200 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C17300 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C17500 Machine Bolts
  • UNS C17510 Machine Bolts

Grades of High Tensile Machine Bolts

  • Grade 8.8 Machine Bolts
  • Grade 10.9 Machine Bolts
  • Grade 12.9 Machine Bolts

Grades of Nimonic Machine Bolts

  • Nimonic Alloy 75 Machine Bolts
  • Nimonic Alloy 80a Machine Bolts
  • Nimonic Alloy 90 Machine Bolts
  • Nimonic Alloy 105 Machine Bolts
  • Nimonic Alloy 115 Machine Bolts
  • Nimonic Alloy 236 Machine Bolts

Grades of Nitronic Machine Bolts

  • Nitronic 50 Machine Bolts
  • Nitronic 60 Machine Bolts

Characteristics of Machine Bolts

  • 1. Threaded Shaft: Machine bolts feature a threaded shaft that allows for secure fastening by engaging with a nut or threaded hole in the mating part.
  • 2. Head Type: They come in various head types, such as hexagonal (hex) heads, round heads, or square heads, each suitable for different applications.
  • 3. Material Variety: Machine bolts are available in a wide range of materials, including steel, stainless steel, brass, and more, to suit various environmental conditions and load requirements.
  • 4. Length Options: These bolts come in various lengths to accommodate different fastening needs, from short bolts for light-duty applications to longer bolts for heavy machinery.
  • 5. Thread Pitch: The thread pitch of machine bolts can vary, allowing for compatibility with different types of nuts and threaded components.
  • 6. Corrosion Resistance: Depending on the material, machine bolts can offer excellent corrosion resistance, making them suitable for outdoor or marine applications.
  • 7. Strength Grades: Machine bolts are available in different strength grades, such as Grade 2, Grade 5, and Grade 8, with each grade offering specific load-bearing capabilities.
  • 8. Precision Machining: These bolts are typically precision-machined to ensure accurate dimensions and smooth threading, promoting reliable fastening.
  • 9. Versatile Applications: Machine bolts find use in a wide range of industries, including construction, automotive, manufacturing, and more, due to their versatility and reliability.

Applications of Machine Bolts

Machine bolts are versatile fasteners that find essential applications across various industries due to their reliability and strength. Here are some common uses of machine bolts:

1. Construction: In the construction industry, machine bolts are employed to secure structural elements, such as steel beams and columns, ensuring the stability and safety of buildings and infrastructure.

2. Automotive Manufacturing: Machine bolts play a crucial role in assembling vehicles, holding together components like engines, chassis, and suspension systems, contributing to the overall integrity of automobiles.

3. Machinery and Equipment: These bolts are extensively used in manufacturing machinery, including CNC machines, presses, and conveyor systems, to maintain the structural integrity and operational efficiency of equipment.

4. Agriculture: Agricultural machinery relies on machine bolts to secure parts like plows, cultivators, and tractor components, enabling efficient farming operations.

5. Aerospace: In the aerospace industry, machine bolts are employed in the construction and maintenance of aircraft, ensuring that critical components stay securely fastened even under extreme conditions.

6. Marine: Machine bolts made from corrosion-resistant materials are essential in the maritime sector, used to assemble and repair boats, ships, and offshore structures exposed to saltwater environments.

7. Energy Sector: Power generation facilities, including wind turbines, power plants, and transmission towers, rely on machine bolts to withstand heavy loads and environmental stresses.

8. Furniture Manufacturing: In the furniture industry, machine bolts are utilized to assemble various furniture pieces, ensuring stability and durability.

9. Infrastructure Maintenance: Machine bolts are crucial for the repair and maintenance of bridges, railways, and roads, helping to extend the lifespan of vital infrastructure.

These applications highlight the widespread importance of machine bolts in ensuring the structural integrity, safety, and reliability of diverse projects and products across multiple sectors.


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Machine Bolts - FAQs

Machine bolts are threaded fasteners with a straight shaft and a variety of head styles. They are designed for use with a nut or in a tapped hole, making them distinct from other bolts like carriage bolts or lag bolts.

Machine bolts find applications in a wide range of industries, including construction, automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, and marine, due to their versatility and strength.

Machine bolts can be made from materials such as steel, stainless steel, brass, and more. The choice depends on factors like environmental conditions, load requirements, and corrosion resistance.

Machine bolts adhere to standards like DIN, ASTM, ISO, and BS to ensure quality and compatibility. Compliance with standards is crucial for safety, reliability, and consistency in various applications.

Machine bolt grades, such as Grade 2, Grade 5, and Grade 8, indicate their strength and load-bearing capabilities. Choosing the right grade is essential for ensuring that the bolt can withstand the required loads.

Yes, machine bolts made from corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel are suitable for outdoor and marine applications, where exposure to moisture and saltwater is a concern.

Machine bolts come with various head types, including hex, round, and square heads. The choice depends on the application and the tools available for tightening.

Machine bolts can be reused if they are in good condition and have not undergone excessive stress. However, it's essential to inspect them carefully before reuse.

Yes, many manufacturers, including GIC Fasteners, offer custom machine bolts tailored to your project's exact specifications. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements and get a quote.

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