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Alloy Steel Fasteners

Alloy Steel Fasteners are highly sought-after in various industries due to their exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear. These fasteners are composed of iron as the base metal, with the addition of other alloying elements such as chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and vanadium. The alloying elements impart specific properties to the steel, enhancing its mechanical and chemical characteristics.

Alloy Steel Fasteners Supplier

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GIC Fasteners is a highly respected and reliable supplier and exporter of Alloy Steel Fasteners. With a wealth of industry experience and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we have earned a solid reputation as a trusted source for top-quality Alloy Steel Fasteners.

At GIC Fasteners, we take pride in offering an extensive selection of Alloy Steel Fasteners to meet a diverse range of industrial requirements. Our inventory encompasses a wide variety of Alloy Steel bolts, nuts, screws, washers, and other fasteners, available in various sizes, grades, and specifications. Whether you need standard or customized fasteners, we have the perfect solution to cater to your specific application needs.

We recognize the critical importance of quality in fasteners. Therefore, all our Alloy Steel Fasteners undergo rigorous inspection and testing to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards. Our adherence to stringent quality control processes guarantees that our fasteners exhibit exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear. With GIC Fasteners, you can expect nothing less than excellence.

As a dedicated exporter of Alloy Steel Fasteners, we have developed a robust global network and streamlined logistics capabilities to serve customers worldwide. Regardless of your geographical location, whether in North America, Europe, Asia, or any other part of the world, we ensure prompt and reliable delivery of your Alloy Steel Fastener requirements. Through strategic partnerships with trusted shipping providers, we facilitate safe and efficient transportation to any destination.

Choose GIC Fasteners as your trusted supplier and exporter of Alloy Steel Fasteners. Our commitment to providing a diverse product range, unwavering dedication to quality, customization options, global export capabilities, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service make us the ideal choice for all your fastening needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and experience the reliability, durability, and performance of Alloy Steel Fasteners in your various applications.

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Alloy Steel Fasteners Specifications

Description Value
ASTM A193, ASME SA193, ASTM A194, ASME SA194, ASTM A320, ISO 898-1
IS, DIN, ASTM, AISI, BS and all International Standards
3 mm to 200 mm
M3 – M56 | 3/6″ to 2″ | Custom Sizes, Washers: M02 to M33

Grades of Alloy Steel Fasteners

  • Alloy Steel AISI 4130 Fasteners
  • Alloy Steel AISI 4140 Fasteners
  • Alloy Steel AISI 4340 Fasteners
  • Alloy Steel AISI 8620 Fasteners
  • ASTM A193 Alloy Steel Gr B6 Fasteners
  • ASTM A193 Alloy Steel Gr B7 Fasteners
  • ASTM A193 Alloy Steel Gr B7M Fasteners
  • ASTM A193 Alloy Steel Gr B16 Fasteners
  • ASTM A193 Alloy Steel Gr 2 Fasteners
  • ASTM A194 Alloy Steel Gr 2H Fasteners
  • ASTM A194 Alloy Steel Gr 2HM Fasteners
  • ASTM A194 Alloy Steel Gr 6 Fasteners
  • ASTM A194 Alloy Steel Gr 7M Fasteners
  • ASTM A320 Alloy Steel Gr L7 Fasteners
  • ASTM A320 Alloy Steel Gr L7M Fasteners
  • ASTM A320 Alloy Steel Gr L43 Fasteners
  • ASTM A320 Alloy Steel Gr L43 Fasteners
  • ISO 898-1 Alloy Steel Gr 8.8 Fasteners
  • ISO 898-1 Alloy Steel Gr 10.9 Fasteners
  • ISO 898-1 Alloy Steel Gr 12.9 Fasteners

Types of Alloy Steel Bolts

  • Alloy Steel Flanged Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Hex Bolts
  • Alloy Steel U Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Shoulder Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Eye Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Heavy Hex Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Hollow Hex Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Hollow Allen Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Machine Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Socket Head Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Hex Flange Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Lag Bolts
  • Alloy Steel J Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Elevator Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Hanger Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Carriage Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Allen Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Anchor Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Countersunk Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Stud Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Square Head Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Stud Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Full Threaded Stud Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Tap End Stud Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Double End Stud Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Reduced Shank Stud Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Flange Bolting Stud Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Weld Studs
  • Alloy Steel Threaded Rods
  • Alloy Steel Hex Head Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Jack Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Structural Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Step Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Square Head Machine Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Plow Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Metric Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Hex Tap Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Hex Machine Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Shoulder Eye Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Serrated Flange Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Turned Eye Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Long Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Bent Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Square U Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Timber Bolts
  • Alloy Steel 12 Point Flange Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Button Head Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Hexagon Flange Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Stud Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Hexagon Head Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Lifting Eye Bolts
  • Alloy Steel T Bolts
  • Alloy Steel Threaded Bolts

Types of Alloy Steel Nuts

  • Alloy Steel Flanged Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Hex Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Square Nuts
  • Alloy Steel T Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Nylock Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Lock Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Heavy Hex Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Jam Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Coupling Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Hex Cap Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Hex Flange Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Hex Weld Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Square Thin Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Square Weld Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Acorn Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Lifting Eye Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Wing Nuts
  • Alloy Steel T-Slot Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Nylock Jam Nuts
  • Alloy Steel K Lock Nuts
  • Alloy Steel 2 Way Lock Nuts
  • Alloy Steel All Metal Lock Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Slotted Castle Nuts
  • Alloy Steel 12 Point Flange Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Lug Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Open Lug Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Dome Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Hex Machine Screw Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Hex Lock Nuts Nylon Insert
  • Alloy Steel Hex Jam Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Hex Jam Nylon Lock Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Cap Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Prevailing Torque Lock Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Top Lock Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Pin-Lock Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Castle Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Flange Nuts Serrated
  • Alloy Steel Machine Hex Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Finished Hex Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Forged Eye Nut
  • Alloy Steel Rivet Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Slotted Hex Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Acme Hex Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Anco Locknuts
  • Alloy Steel Flexloc Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Reversible Lock Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Panel Nut
  • Alloy Steel Poly Nut
  • Alloy Steel Conelock Nut
  • Alloy Steel Self Clinching Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Domed Cap Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Imperial Thread Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Imperial Thread Nylock Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Sleeve Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Thin Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Weld Nuts
  • Alloy Steel High Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Cage Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Security Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Imperial Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Industrial Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Miscellaneous Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Insert Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Knurled Nuts
  • Alloy Steel Round Nuts

Types of Alloy Steel Screws

  • Alloy Steel Hex Cap Screws
  • Alloy Steel Socket Cap Screws
  • Alloy Steel Square Head Screws
  • Alloy Steel Flange Head Screws
  • Alloy Steel Button Head Screws
  • Alloy Steel Round Head Screws
  • Alloy Steel Oval Head Screws
  • Alloy Steel Hammer Head Screws
  • Alloy Steel Truss Head Screws
  • Alloy Steel Dome Head Screws
  • Alloy Steel Pan Head Screws
  • Alloy Steel Cheese Head Screws
  • Alloy Steel Knurled Head Screws
  • Alloy Steel Mushroom Head Screws
  • Alloy Steel Fillister Head Screws
  • Alloy Steel T Head Screws
  • Alloy Steel Countersunk Screws
  • Alloy Steel Set Screws
  • Alloy Steel Coach Screws
  • Alloy Steel Mating Screws
  • Alloy Steel Wood Screws
  • Alloy Steel Butterfly Screws
  • Alloy Steel Self Drilling SMS
  • Alloy Steel Thread Cutting
  • Alloy Steel Thread Forming
  • Alloy Steel Thumb Screws
  • Alloy Steel Self Tapping Screws
  • Alloy Steel Machined Screw
  • Alloy Steel Self Drilling Screws
  • Alloy Steel Phillips Head Screws

Types of Alloy Steel Washers

  • Alloy Steel Spring Washers
  • Alloy Steel Machined Washers
  • Alloy Steel Square Washers
  • Alloy Steel Plain Flat Washers
  • Alloy Steel Spring Lock Washers
  • Alloy Steel Tab Washers
  • Alloy Steel Internal Tab Washers
  • Alloy Steel Square Beveled Washers
  • Alloy Steel Hex Washers
  • Alloy Steel External Tooth Lock Washers
  • Alloy Steel Internal Tooth Lock Washers
  • Alloy Steel Curved Wave Washers
  • Alloy Steel Conical Spring Washers
  • Alloy Steel Self Locking Washers
  • Alloy Steel Dock Washers
  • Alloy Steel Fender Washers
  • Alloy Steel Ogee Washers
  • Alloy Steel Sealing Washers
  • Alloy Steel Countersunk Washers
  • Alloy Steel Finishing Washers

Characteristics of Alloy Steel Fasteners

High Strength: Alloy steel fasteners exhibit superior strength compared to carbon steel fasteners. This high strength makes them suitable for applications that require reliable and robust connections, especially in high-pressure and high-stress environments.

Excellent Hardness: Alloy steel fasteners are known for their exceptional hardness, which provides resistance against wear, deformation, and mechanical stresses. This makes them ideal for applications where the fasteners need to withstand heavy loads and abrasive conditions.

Corrosion Resistance: Certain alloying elements, such as chromium and nickel, enhance the corrosion resistance of alloy steel fasteners. This allows them to maintain their integrity and performance even in harsh environments with exposure to moisture, chemicals, or extreme temperatures.

Types of Alloy Steel Fasteners

Alloy Steel Bolts: Alloy steel bolts are available in various configurations, including hex bolts, carriage bolts, and structural bolts. They are widely used in industries such as construction, automotive, and machinery, where high strength and durability are essential.

Alloy Steel Screws: Alloy steel screws are used for fastening components together or into a threaded hole. They are available in different types such as machine screws, self-tapping screws, and wood screws, providing versatility for various applications.

Alloy Steel Nuts: Alloy steel nuts are used in conjunction with bolts or screws to secure components. Hex nuts, lock nuts, and wing nuts are some common types of alloy steel nuts, offering reliable and secure fastening solutions.

Alloy Steel Washers: Washers, such as flat washers, lock washers, and spring washers, are essential in distributing the load and preventing surface damage. Alloy steel washers provide added strength and durability to fastening assemblies.

Applications of Alloy Steel Fasteners

Alloy steel fasteners are extensively used in numerous industries and applications, including:

Automotive and Aerospace: Alloy steel fasteners find applications in the automotive and aerospace industries, where they are used in engine components, chassis, aircraft structures, and critical assemblies.

Oil and Gas: Alloy steel fasteners are crucial in the oil and gas industry for offshore platforms, pipelines, drilling equipment, and refineries. They provide excellent strength and corrosion resistance in demanding environments.

Power Generation: Alloy steel fasteners are used in power plants for securing turbines, boilers, and other components. They can withstand high temperatures, pressure, and corrosive environments commonly found in power generation facilities.

Heavy Machinery and Equipment: Alloy steel fasteners are vital in heavy machinery and equipment manufacturing, including mining equipment, construction machinery, and industrial machinery, where high strength and durability are essential.


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Alloy Steel Fasteners - FAQs

GIC Fasteners offers a wide range of alloy steel fasteners, including alloy steel bolts, screws, nuts, washers, and studs. These fasteners are available in various sizes, thread forms, and configurations to meet different application requirements.

Alloy steel fasteners offer several advantages. They have high tensile strength, making them suitable for applications that require strong and durable connections. They also exhibit excellent wear resistance and toughness, allowing them to withstand heavy loads and harsh environments. Additionally, alloy steel fasteners provide good corrosion resistance, ensuring their long-term performance.

GIC Fasteners manufactures alloy steel fasteners that conform to internationally recognized industry standards, such as ASTM, ASME, DIN, and ISO. These standards ensure the quality, performance, and reliability of the fasteners, meeting the requirements of various industries and applications.

To acquire alloy steel fasteners from GIC Fasteners, you can contact their sales team through phone or email. Provide them with your specific requirements, such as the type of fasteners, dimensions, quantities, and any customization needs. The sales team will assist you with pricing, availability, and the ordering process.

Yes, alloy steel fasteners offer corrosion resistance, especially when specific alloying elements like chromium or nickel are present. However, the level of corrosion resistance may vary depending on the specific alloy and environmental conditions. It is recommended to consult with GIC Fasteners to select the appropriate alloy steel fasteners for corrosive environments.

Yes, certain alloy steel grades, such as stainless steel alloys, are suitable for marine applications due to their excellent corrosion resistance in saltwater environments. These fasteners are commonly used in shipbuilding, offshore structures, and other marine-related industries.

The lead time for alloy steel fastener orders may vary depending on the specific product, quantity, and customization requirements. It is recommended to contact GIC Fasteners to inquire about the lead time for your specific order.

The lifespan of alloy steel fasteners can vary depending on factors such as the specific alloy, environmental conditions, and maintenance practices. Proper installation, regular inspection, and maintenance can help extend the lifespan of alloy steel fasteners and ensure their continued performance.

Alloy steel fasteners may offer good resistance to certain chemicals depending on the specific alloy composition. However, it is important to assess the compatibility of the alloy steel fasteners with the specific chemicals and consult with GIC Fasteners for guidance on suitable alloys for chemical-resistant applications.

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