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GIC Fasteners, a reputable manufacturer renowned for its commitment to quality, proudly presents a diverse range of Elevator Bolts meticulously designed to meet various industry standards. Our Elevator Bolts adhere to stringent DIN, ASTM, ISO, and BS standards, as well as equivalent international benchmarks, ensuring that they deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Whether you're seeking bolts for elevator systems, conveyor belts, or heavy machinery, GIC Fasteners' Elevator Bolts are engineered to meet your exacting specifications, providing a robust and dependable fastening solution for your applications. With GIC Fasteners, you can trust in the precision and durability of our Elevator Bolts to elevate your projects to new heights.

When it comes to securing heavy machinery and equipment, Elevator Bolts are an essential component of the construction and manufacturing industries. These sturdy fasteners play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and stability of elevator systems, conveyor belts, and other machinery that requires a dependable fastening solution. At GIC Fasteners, we understand the critical nature of Elevator Bolts and offer a comprehensive range of top-quality products designed to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our team of experts has spent years perfecting the art of crafting these bolts, and our commitment to excellence is unmatched in the industry.

Whether you’re looking for Elevator Bolts to replace worn-out parts or need a customized solution for a specific project, GIC Fasteners has you covered. Our extensive inventory and the expertise of our professionals allow us to deliver precision-engineered bolts that not only meet industry standards but also exceed them. With a steadfast dedication to quality, GIC Fasteners ensures that your equipment remains safe and reliable. For all your Elevator Bolt needs, contact us at sales@gicfasteners.com, and our knowledgeable team will be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your application. Trust GIC Fasteners to elevate your machinery’s performance and safety.

Elevator Bolts Specifications

Standards ASME, SAE, BS, DIN, ISO, IS, UNI, DIN-EN, CSN, EU, PN and all International Standards
Imperial Size 3/8" to 8" | Custom SIzes
Length 3 mm to 200 mm
Metric Size M2 to M100 | Custom Sizes
Forming Hot & Cold Forged
Threads BSW, METRIC, UNC, BSF, UNF or as per need
Sub Types Fully Threaded Elevator Bolts, Partial Threaded Elevator Bolts, Metric Elevator Bolts, Imperial Elevator Bolts
Coating PTFE Coated Elevator Bolts, Hot Dip galvanized Elevator Bolts, Yellow Zinc Plated Elevator Bolts, Blue Zinc Plated Elevator Bolts, Black Zinc Plated Elevator Bolts, Zinc Cobalt Plated Elevator Bolts, Aluminium Zinc Flake Coated Elevator Bolts, Black Phosphate Elevator Bolts, Zinc Plated Elevator Bolts, Nickel Plated Elevator Bolts

Stainless Steel Elevator Bolts Dimensions

Elevator Bolts Dimensions
Elevator Bolts: Dimensions (ANSI/ASME B18.5)

Nominal Size

Body Diameter (E) Head Diameter (A) Head Height (H) Square Width (O) Square Depth (P)
Max Min Max. Edge Sharp  Min. Edge Sharp  Min. Edge Flat Max  Min Max Min Max Min
1/4 .260 .237  1.008 .969 .938 .098 .078 .280 .245 .219 .188
5/16 .324 .298 1.227 1.188 1.157 .114 .094 .342 .307 .250 .219
3/8 .388 .360 1.352 1.312 1.272 .145 .125 .405 .368 .250 .219

Grades of Stainless Steel Elevator Bolts

  • Stainless Steel 304 Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 304L Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 304H Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 310 Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 310S Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 310H Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 316 Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 316L Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 316Ti Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 317 Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 317L Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 321 Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 321H Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 347 Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 347H Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 904L Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 410 Elevator Bolts
  • Stainless Steel 446 Elevator Bolts
  • 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Elevator Bolts
  • SMO 254 Elevator Bolts
  • Alloy 20 Elevator Bolts

Grades of Duplex & Super Duplex Steel Elevator Bolts

  • UNS S32205 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS S31803 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS S32750 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS S32760 Elevator Bolts

Grades of Nickel Alloys Elevator Bolts

  • Inconel 600 Elevator Bolts
  • Inconel 601 Elevator Bolts
  • Inconel 625 Elevator Bolts
  • Inconel 718 Elevator Bolts
  • Incoloy 800 Elevator Bolts
  • Incoloy 825 Elevator Bolts
  • Monel 400 Elevator Bolts
  • Monel K500 Elevator Bolts
  • Nickel 200 Elevator Bolts
  • Nickel 201 Elevator Bolts
  • Hastelloy C276 Elevator Bolts
  • Hastelloy C22 Elevator Bolts
  • Hastelloy B2 Elevator Bolts
  • Hastelloy B3 Elevator Bolts
  • Hastelloy X Elevator Bolts

Grades of Titanium Elevator Bolts

  • Titanium Grade 2 Elevator Bolts
  • Titanium Grade 5 Elevator Bolts

Grades of Tantalum Elevator Bolts

  • UNS R05200 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS R05252 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS R05255 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS R05400 Elevator Bolts

Grades of Copper Elevator Bolts

  • UNS C11000 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C10100 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C10200 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C12000 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C12200 Elevator Bolts

Grades of Cupro Nickel Elevator Bolts

  • CuNi 90/10 Elevator Bolts
  • CuNi 70/30 Elevator Bolts

Grades of Brass Carriage Elevator Bolts

  • UNS C21000 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C22000 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C22600 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C23000 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C24000 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C26000 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C26800 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C27000 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C27200 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C28000 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C33000 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C33500 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C34000 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C34200 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C35300 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C35600 Elevator Bolts

Grades of Aluminium Elevator Bolts

  • Aluminium Alloy 1050 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 1060 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 1060 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 1070 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 1080 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 1100 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 1145 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 2011 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 2014 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 2017 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 2024 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 2090 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 3003 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 5052 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 5083 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 6061 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 6063 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 6066 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 6082 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 7050 Elevator Bolts
  • Aluminium Alloy 7075 Elevator Bolts

Grades of Carbon Steel Elevator Bolts

  • Carbon Steel AISI 1018 Elevator Bolts
  • Carbon Steel AISI 1020 Elevator Bolts
  • Carbon Steel AISI 1040 Elevator Bolts
  • Carbon Steel AISI 1045 Elevator Bolts

Grades of Alloy Steel Elevator Bolts

  • Alloy Steel AISI 4130 Elevator Bolts
  • Alloy Steel AISI 4140 Elevator Bolts
  • Alloy Steel AISI 4340 Elevator Bolts
  • Alloy Steel AISI 8620 Elevator Bolts
  • ASTM A193 Alloy Steel Gr B7 Elevator Bolts
  • ASTM A193 Alloy Steel Gr B7M Elevator Bolts
  • ASTM A320 Alloy Steel Gr L7 Elevator Bolts
  • ASTM A320 Alloy Steel Gr L7M Elevator Bolts
  • ASTM A320 Alloy Steel Gr L43 Elevator Bolts
  • ASTM A194 Alloy Steel Gr 2H Elevator Bolts
  • ASTM A194 Alloy Steel Gr 2HM Elevator Bolts
  • ISO 898-1 Alloy Steel Gr 8.8 Elevator Bolts
  • ISO 898-1 Alloy Steel Gr 10.9 Elevator Bolts
  • ISO 898-1 Alloy Steel Gr 12.9 Elevator Bolts

Grades of Silicon Bronze Elevator Bolts

  • UNS C65100 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C65500 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C66100 Elevator Bolts

Grades of Phosphor Bronze Elevator Bolts

  • UNS C51000 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C51900 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C52100 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C54400 Elevator Bolts

Grades of Zirconium Elevator Bolts

  • UNS R60700 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS R60702 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS R60704 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS R60705 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS R60706 Elevator Bolts

Grades of Beryllium Copper Elevator Bolts

  • UNS C17200 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C17300 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C17500 Elevator Bolts
  • UNS C17510 Elevator Bolts

Grades of High Tensile Elevator Bolts

  • Grade 8.8 Elevator Bolts
  • Grade 10.9 Elevator Bolts
  • Grade 12.9 Elevator Bolts

Grades of Nimonic Elevator Bolts

  • Nimonic Alloy 75 Elevator Bolts
  • Nimonic Alloy 80a Elevator Bolts
  • Nimonic Alloy 90 Elevator Bolts
  • Nimonic Alloy 105 Elevator Bolts
  • Nimonic Alloy 115 Elevator Bolts
  • Nimonic Alloy 236 Elevator Bolts

Grades of Nitronic Elevator Bolts

  • Nitronic 50 Elevator Bolts
  • Nitronic 60 Elevator Bolts

Characteristics of Elevator Bolts

Elevator bolts possess specific characteristics that make them suitable for various applications. Here are the key features of elevator bolts:

Flat, Countersunk Head: Elevator bolts have a flat, countersunk head design that allows them to sit flush with the surface, reducing the risk of snagging or interference in the application.

Square Shoulder: These bolts feature a square shoulder beneath the head, which helps distribute the load evenly and prevents the bolt from turning when tightened.

Coarse Thread: Elevator bolts typically have a coarse thread pitch, providing improved grip and resistance to loosening due to vibrations or movement.

Sturdy Construction: Elevator bolts are manufactured from durable materials like carbon steel or stainless steel, ensuring strength, corrosion resistance, and longevity.

Large, Flat Bearing Surface: The head of an elevator bolt has a large, flat bearing surface that helps distribute the load and reduces the risk of crushing or damaging the attached material.

Wide Range of Lengths and Diameters: Elevator bolts are available in various lengths and diameters to accommodate different applications and material thicknesses.

Versatile Applications: Elevator bolts find application in industries such as agriculture, construction, machinery, and conveyor systems. They are commonly used for fastening components like buckets, conveyor belts, and elevator systems.

Easy Installation: With their square shoulder design, elevator bolts can be easily installed using a wrench or socket, providing a secure and reliable connection.

Types of Elevator Bolts

Elevator bolts are specialized fasteners used in bucket elevator systems to secure buckets to conveyor belts. They come in various types, each designed to meet specific application requirements. Here are different types of elevator bolts:

Flat Head Elevator Bolts: These bolts have a flat, countersunk head that sits flush with the surface, providing a smooth and snag-free finish.

Round Head Elevator Bolts: Featuring a rounded head, these bolts are commonly used in applications where a low-profile, finished appearance is desired.

Oval Head Elevator Bolts: Oval head bolts have an oval-shaped head that provides a decorative and aesthetically pleasing look while offering reliable fastening.

Elevator Bucket Bolts: Elevator bucket bolts are specifically designed to securely fasten buckets to conveyor belts in bucket elevator systems. They play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and smooth operation of the system.

Fang Bolts: Fang bolts feature a unique fanged design that provides enhanced gripping strength when installed. They are commonly used in heavy-duty applications where secure bucket attachment is crucial.

Euro Bolts: Euro bolts have a square neck beneath the head to prevent rotation during installation. They are frequently used in elevator systems that handle bulk materials like grains and seeds.

Easifit Bolts: Easifit bolts are designed for easy installation and removal. With a slotted head, they allow for quick tightening and loosening, making maintenance or bucket replacement more convenient.

Norway Bolts: Norway bolts, also known as GB bolts, feature a square neck and a round head. They are widely used in bucket elevator systems across industries such as agriculture, mining, and construction.

Ref70 Bolts: Ref70 bolts have a square neck and a flat head with a large bearing surface. They provide secure fastening for elevator buckets, ensuring stable and reliable performance even in demanding environments.

DIN Bolts: DIN bolts conform to the German DIN standard and are known for their precise dimensions and high-quality construction. They offer reliable fastening solutions for a wide range of applications.

HD-Max Bolts: HD-Max bolts are heavy-duty elevator bolts engineered for exceptional strength and durability. They are commonly used in demanding applications that require reliable fastening of heavy loads.

DIN15237 Bolts: DIN15237 bolts are specifically designed for bucket elevator systems. Featuring a square neck, they are popular in European markets for applications involving the handling of bulk materials.

Each type of elevator bolt has its own unique design and characteristics, catering to specific application requirements. It is essential to select the appropriate type of elevator bolt based on factors such as the bucket style, belt material, load capacity, and environmental conditions. GIC Fasteners (GIC Fasteners) offers a comprehensive range of elevator bolts, including various types, materials, and sizes, to meet diverse customer needs.

Applications of Elevator Bolts

Elevator bolts are versatile fasteners that find applications in various industries and settings. Here are some common applications of elevator bolts:

Bucket Elevators: Elevator bolts are extensively used in bucket elevator systems, where they secure the buckets to the conveyor belt. The strong and reliable fastening provided by elevator bolts ensures efficient material handling in industries such as agriculture, mining, and food processing.

Conveyor Systems: Elevator bolts are employed in conveyor systems to attach components like cleats, guides, and brackets. These bolts ensure secure fastening, allowing smooth and uninterrupted material flow in industries such as manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics.

Industrial Machinery: Elevator bolts are utilized in various industrial machinery applications. They help secure machine components, guards, and panels, ensuring proper assembly and safe operation of equipment in industries like automotive, construction, and manufacturing.

Agricultural Equipment: Elevator bolts are commonly used in agricultural equipment such as grain elevators, seed cleaners, and feed mixers. They provide secure fastening for components like augers, hoppers, and belts, enabling efficient processing and handling of agricultural products.

Construction: Elevator bolts find applications in construction projects, including the assembly of scaffolding, formwork, and temporary structures. They provide strong connections that withstand the demanding conditions of construction sites, ensuring safety and structural integrity.

Furniture Manufacturing: Elevator bolts are used in the production of furniture to fasten frames, brackets, and hardware. Their secure attachment ensures the durability and stability of furniture pieces in residential, commercial, and hospitality settings.

Marine and Offshore: Elevator bolts are employed in marine and offshore applications, including boatbuilding, offshore platforms, and port equipment. They provide reliable fastening for components subjected to harsh marine environments and heavy loads.

General Hardware: Elevator bolts have various general hardware applications, such as attaching handles, brackets, and hinges in cabinets, doors, and other household or industrial equipment.


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Elevator Bolts - FAQs

Elevator bolts are specialized fasteners designed to securely attach buckets to conveyor belts in bucket elevator systems.

Elevator bolts can be made of various materials, including steel, stainless steel, inconel, duplex steel, monel and more. The choice of material depends on factors such as the application requirements, bucket style, and environmental conditions.

Elevator bolts come in various head types, including fang bolts, Euro bolts, Easifit bolts, Norway bolts, Ref70 bolts, DIN bolts, HD-Max bolts, and DIN15237 bolts. Each head type is designed to suit specific bucket styles and provide a secure attachment.

Elevator bolts play a crucial role in maintaining the smooth operation and integrity of bucket elevator systems. They ensure secure bucket attachment, preventing unwanted movement or rotation, and provide a reliable connection between the buckets and the conveyor belt.

Yes, elevator bolts are available in various sizes and lengths to accommodate different bucket sizes and belt thicknesses. GIC Fasteners offers a wide range of options to suit diverse project requirements.

When selecting an eye bolt, factors to consider include load requirements, environmental conditions, material compatibility, and the specific application. It is advisable to consult with GIC Fasteners Technical Team or refer to industry standards for guidance.

You can reach out to GIC Fasteners through their website, email, or phone. Their knowledgeable sales team is ready to assist you with any inquiries, provide product information, and assist you throughout the ordering process.

Yes, elevator bolts are designed to withstand heavy loads and provide a secure connection between buckets and conveyor belts. Their robust construction and proper installation ensure optimal strength and load-bearing capacity.

GIC Fasteners ensures that their elevator bolts adhere to international quality standards and specifications. This ensures that the bolts meet the required performance criteria and comply with industry standards.

Elevator Bolts - Export Destination

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